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<![CDATA[GO BEHIND THE SCENES!]]> NashvilleMusicVideo.com shot some footage while we were recording the song he wrote "Totch Brown". There's been a lot of hard work at TML Studios by Jake Clayton, Rob Daniels and Troy Luccketta to make my next project a reality, and there's still so much to be done. I hope you enjoy a glimpse into what is going on to bring you "This Here" my second studio album!

<![CDATA[OAKGLENN WINERY ACOUSTIC DATES]]> OakGlenn Winery's website]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=44 <![CDATA[OPENING FOR CHRIS CAGLE AUGUST 2ND!]]>
Chris Cagle has had numerous big hits and is known for putting on a great show, can't wait to share the stage with him and hope to see you all there!

For more information visit the event page on this site, and keep up with us on facebook for all the latest details!]]>
<![CDATA[OPENING FOR COUNTRY LEGEND JOHN ANDERSON]]> Whiskey Wild's Website and order your tickets now!]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=42 <![CDATA[OPENING FOR JUSTIN AGAIN IN 2012!]]>


Keep an eye on the Kearney Amphitheater website to order tickets when they become available.

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]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=40 <![CDATA[NEW RECORD IN THE WORKS]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=41 <![CDATA[CMA MUSIC FEST HERE WE COME!]]> NixaCountry.com if you can't make it to Big Shotz in Nashville be sure to tune in online!

Big Shotz
115 2nd Ave N
Nashville, TN 37201

<![CDATA[STEP UP & ROLL IN FOR AUTISM]]> Then hang around, check out some really cool cars and bikes and enjoy music from the RLT band from 1pm to 3pm!

Step Up & Roll In for Autism

May 21st, 2011
Time: 9am - 3pm
Fort Zumwalt South High School
Music, Food Raffle Items, 50/50, Games, and More!
Show Vehicle Registration by Donation
Dash Plaques to the First 100 Vehicles
Ten Fun Cruise Awards - From Wildest Paint Job to Darryl's Pick. If you've never been 1st in Show take home 1st AT the Show

http://www.fightforautism.org/t-event_20110521.aspx ]]>
<![CDATA[ALL-STAR COUNTRY REVUE]]> Casa Loma Ballroom's website]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=36 <![CDATA[WILD COUNTRY CONCERT SERIES]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=35 <![CDATA[BE DELICIOUSLY ALIVE]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=34 <![CDATA[THE DARRYL STRAWBERRY FOUNDATION]]> DarrylStrawberry.com. The event will be May 21st and we will be playing from 1pm to 3pm, I will post more details as they come available. Stay tuned to the social networking sites as well as Darryl's site for further details.]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=33 <![CDATA[TWISTED BULL SALOON]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=32 <![CDATA[NEW INTERNET RADIO STATION]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=31 <![CDATA[CORNBREAD'S WORLD FAIR]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=30 <![CDATA[POWERSOURCE MAGAZINE]]> Subscribe Today!]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=29 <![CDATA[RLT ON TV]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=28 <![CDATA[RICKIE LEE TANNER IS IN THE HOT 5!]]> CLICK HERE to vote!]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=27 <![CDATA[METROMIX HOT 5 CONTEST]]> CLICK HERE to vote in round two!]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=26 <![CDATA[SENDME MOBILE INTERVIEW]]> HERE]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=24 <![CDATA[THE LIBRARY IN SOULARD]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=23 <![CDATA[CMA FESTIVAL]]>
I will be fortunate enough to take part in the Nixa Country "World's Largest Fan Club Party" this year and will be taking the stage at 1pm at Fuel in Nashville, TN.

If you're going to be in town for the fest I would love to see ya'll there.]]>
<![CDATA[J-98 BOOT TEST]]> MyMOInfo.com and cast your vote for Ring and A Prayer and keep the song playing on the Boot.

God Bless,
Rickie Lee Tanner]]>
<![CDATA[BLEND RADIO INTERVIEW - CHAMPAGNE SUNDAYS]]> listen to the show here]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=22 <![CDATA[CONCERT RESCHEDULED...NOW AT WILD COUNTRY!]]>
For those of you who won tickets on one of the awesome radio stations we provided prize packs to please rest assured those tickets will be honored. I hope to see you at the show!

-Rickie Lee Tanner]]>
<![CDATA[NEW VIDEO POSTED]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=18 <![CDATA[AUTISM FOUNDATION OF TENNESSEE BENEFIT]]>
Here is the roster for the show.
Time Artist
7:00 7:20 DeAnna Loveland
7:30-7:50 John Richards
8:00-8:30 Sun Circle
8:45-9:15 Kim McLean
9:30-10:00 Saints of Havana
10:15-10:45 Tommy Dalton
11:00-11:30 On Tracy Lane
11:45-12:30 Rickie Lee Tanner
12:45-1:15 BlackWater James

<![CDATA[BACK FROM NASHVILLE]]> my myspace page. If you would like to find out more about the week I had go check it out. It was a great experience, I'm so blessed to have the chance to do the things I love and even more blessed to have fans out there to share it with.]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=17 <![CDATA[NEW DATES AT THE HOUSE OF ROCK]]>
5 Ronnies Plz St Louis, MO 63126 (314) 842-2550 Get directions]]>
405 N Business Highway 61 Wentzville, MO 63385 (636) 327-9614 Get directions]]>
<![CDATA[CRAZYHORSE SALOON]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=13 <![CDATA[TINA'S JUNCTION NOVEMBER 22ND]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=12 <![CDATA[NEW SITE DESIGN COMING SOON!]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=11 <![CDATA[SEPT 24TH AT THE HOUSE OF ROCK!]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=10 <![CDATA[NEXT SHOW: BACK AT JILLY'S]]>
So, come on out to Jilly's and hang out with me and the Powder Keg boys from 9pm to 1am.]]>
The fest last year was such a great experience and was very inspirational for me as a writer.

There is sure to be some really great undiscovered writers there as well as some of the true songwriting legends. So if you love to hear songwriters in their element load up your car, hop a plane or whatever you gotta do to get down to Nashville June 20-22 and hang out with us at the Nashville Songwriter's Festival on Music Row.]]>
There will be pics posted here on the site soon, there are already some up on my myspace page so be sure to check them out.

A special thanks to all of those who braved the heat and high gas prices to come to Nashville and show your support.]]>
Friday & Saturday night 9pm - 1am]]>
<![CDATA[NEW WEBSITE DESIGN]]> http://www.rickieleetanner.com/news_story.php?news_id=1